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Smart Garden Watering Controller Irrigation System

1. Smart Remote Control
Set and check irrigation schedule through smart phone APP

2. Automation
Automative with soil moisture sensor&rain sensor
Delay the watering schedule base on the data from sensors

3. APP/ Manually switch ON/OFF, battery life above 12months

4.  Timing and cycle timing with prefer start and ending time on app

Product Features:
*Work way:Support Bluetooth 4.2/5.0 technology
*Work with phone Bluetooth or WIFI Bluetooth gateway to show info of soil to users
*Power supply mode :AA batteries *4pcs(not included)(baerry life>1 year)
*Operating frequency band:2.4GHz
*Transmission distance:60M in open area;:
* Operating temperature:0℃-80℃
*Host Size:58*136mm,total length is 220mm.
*Key function:Press and hold for 5 seconds to reset the equipment and enter the distribution network mode.Short press to collect data immidately and report.
*Sensor Probe parameters:
Temperature measurement range:0~85℃
Temperature measurement resolution:0.1℃
Temperature measurement accuracy:±0.5℃
Humidity measurement range:0~100% RH
Humidity measurement resolution:1%
Humidity measurement accuracy:±1%
*Installation method:All temperature and humidity probes are inserted into the soil.
* Protection grade:IP67

Inlet: DN20 (3/4″)
with DN15 (1/2″) adapter
Outlet: DN20 (3/4″)
with nipple adapter


Method 1:
Search for the App name on the App store. Click to open the share button on the right, and click Copy Link.
smart life app download
Method 2:
Search for the App name on the Google Play,Click the corresponding App, the new page is the Google download link
Tuya Smart app download

Smart Water Timer with CE,  RoHs,  FCC certification


water timer CE certification WATER VALVE - FCC ROHS WATER TIMER






  • Application: This automatic water timer is ideal for sprinkler watering, lawn, vegetable garden, greenhouse, flowerbeds, pool filling, etc. The sprinkler timer will fully meet your different watering needs. Let you travel with no worry!

smart irrigation application

Outdoor watering controller

Releted Products

Bluetooth Smart Water Sprinkler Timer


Use the Smart Life App to control all programming on the automatic sprinkler timer system. The setup is simple and offers completely flexible scheduling options to keep your lawn and plants healthy all season long. No more wasting water when you forget to turn off the sprinkler or wither flowers from a missed watering.

Outdoor watering controller



Q1: I want to use this as a switch to turn on and off the water overflow. Is there manual funtionality?

Yes, there is a button on controller to power on or off.

Q2: If I go out of town and the system is not within range of my bluetooth, will it still water?

A: 1. No battery attached, you need to prepare 4x AA battaries.
2. Usually ultra-long running time up to 12 months.
3. It is easy, pull out the battery drawer on the back of the timer, and then insert 4x AA battaries.

Q3: Work with alexa and google assisant?

A3: Through the WiFi hub, you can cooperate with alexa to control the opening and closing of the water timer

Q4: Which certification available?

A4: CE, ROHS and FCC

Q5: Why the Bluetooth water timer didn't turn on/off at preset time?

1.Programming is incorrect 2.Water pressure is too low 3.Particles of dirt or debris stuck in valve 4.More than one start time is programmed with overlapping schedules 5.Manual watering is on 6.Faulty valve 7.The batteries were low 8.The faucet is off

Q6: Why Bluetooth keeps dropping connection

A: 1. The Bluetooth of water timer is currently in sleep mode, please wait 5-10 seconds, the device will automatically reconnect. Or scroll down to refresh the home page of the APP, or disconnect the Bluetooth from your phone and turn it on again 2. If the device has been connected by other mobile phones, please disconnect first. 3. Make sure the battery is fully charged and place the phone as close to the device as possible. 4.Please note that you don’t need to stay connect once you setup your schedule. The device will always keep your watering settings and work automatically according to the schedule.

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