Smart Water Valve

Place the FRANKEVER Valve Controller on to your main water supply pipe, ensure use correct valve size like DN20 DN25 based on your water pipe size. Correct size ensure tighten and seal betweek pipe and valve. Finally, connect the nearest AC power supply to the controller with a adapter.

FRANKEVER water shut off works in combination with four different devices. FRANKEVER Valve connects to the main water line and receives signals from WATER Sensor that detects leaks.

The dedicated Tuya / Smartlife app will show the water pipe output volume, and you can adjust how much water want to output, schedule, countdown funcation is also useful for your daily life.

WiFi Smart Watering System

FRANKEVER Smart Watering System includes smart water valves and smart water sensor.
Smart water valve is universal for sel-housing, building, garden, farm. It can realized automatic timming water, irrigation etc.
Smart water sensor can detect the water. It will send alarm to APP. And it also can be used together with water valve to avoid water leakage.

Our smart valves IP 67 waterproof , can meet all kind watering need such as agriculture irrigation, farm irrigation ,garden irrigation . Application remote control open and close the valve anytime and anywhere with your finger.
The water irrigator is connected by Wifi,Use for garden,plants.
When it touches water, it will send an alarm to smartphone. With a flat cable, the water sensor and be installed very flexible, on the wall, ground.

Q1. How to connect to Amazon Alexa?
A:Step 1:Add Device
Make sure there’s at least one device in device list. Supported devices includes smart light, socket, heater, etc.
Step 2:Modify device name
Modify device name that Echo could easily recognize. Such as: Living room Light,Bedroom Light.
Step 3: Set up Echo
Use Alexa APP or computer( Set up Echo from “Settings”.
Step 4: Add Skill
Add“Skill”in Alexa App or computer. Enter into the skill and search for TuyaSmart. Tap on “Enable Skill”and enter your TuyaSmart account & password to finish binding.
Step 5: Control Device
First of all, it need to discover devices. Speak to Echo:Alexa(or Echo),Discover my devices. After about 20s, Echo tells you how many devices found. You could then voice control devices, only support English.

Support the below voice commands:
Alexa(or Echo),turn on bedroom light
Alexa(or Echo),turn off bedroom light
Alexa(or Echo),set bedroom light to 50 percent
Alexa(or Echo),increase bedroom light to 50 percent
Alexa(or Echo),decrease bedroom light to 50 percent

Q2. What is its lead time for samples and mass production?
A:Within 3 work days for samples and 20 work days for mass production.

Q3. Do you accept OEM
A: Yes. We accept customized packing box, instruction, laser logo etc.
If you need to match it to your own APP, it is also available.

Q4: Do you offer guarantee for the products?
A: Yes, we offer 2 years warranty to our products.

Q5: Which certificate you have?
A: CE ROHS FCC SAA etc are all available.

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