What’s the smart sprinkler system ?

Whats the smart sprinkler system ?

Frankever smart water valve controller solutions support automatic irrigation and enable you to view and manage your irrigation plans anywhere and anytime. The solutions convert a simple outdoor water timer to a smart water source. You can quickly and easily irrigate your garden even when you are on vacation.

Frankever smart water timer quality reliable, the magnetic valve has good sealing performance, no water leakage, and stable


  1. Remote Monitoring:

You can remotely control water valves on/off through the app, set a reasonable irrigation time, and monitor your garden in real-time.

  1. Weather-Based Irrigation Adjustment(rainy delay function):

You do not need to irrigate your garden on rainy or snowy days. With the smart weather-based irrigation adjustment function, smart water valve controllers can detect weather conditions in real-time, automatically adjust your irrigation.

If the whether is rainy, you can use the rain delay function on the app delay the watering schedule to 24/48/72 hours. The set schedule will run again after you turn off the rain delay

  1. Schedul

The regular irrigation function makes water absorption better in a specified period, which saves

water and prevents water loss

  1. Voice Control:

You can connect the smart water valve controllers to smart speakers and control your water valves with your voice. The smart water valve controller solutions support smooth connections with popular smart voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Irrigate your garden with one voice command.


Automation scene:

Working with sensor to data enables smart water controllers to record the soil monitoring data in real-time, dynamically display the soil temperature and humidity change curves,

and reasonably adjust irrigation plans. You can also set temperature and humidity thresholds to

protect your plants.



Frankever water timer can be used for your all watering needs,  such as farms and garden, greenhouse, lawns, green belts, also for agriculture , you can do your watering job for your place remotely by your phone every time and everywhere to take care your plants and crops in dry day to grow healthily and keep yields high.

For your garden,  you also set a current watering time to water your flower and grass every day, no need to have to do tedious preparation every day, save time to enjoy your free time.

Installation procedure

Setup 1. put battery inside the battery jar of water timer,  make sure water timer in the wifi network place and signal stable.

Setup 2. connect water timer to your water faucet, use the water tape between thread to keep from leakage.

Setup 3. push the manual button in 5-6s, water timer led indicator flashing quickly.

Setup 3. turn on the wifi and bluetooth switch of your phone and connect wifi network to downlod the smart life or tuya smart applicant

Setup 4. click into applicant and refresh it , the devices will be researched automatically and click the adding operation and connect water timer to app and get into the control interface.

Setup 5. control water timer to run the water to do your watering plan.


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