The Global Sources Smart Home & Appliances Show in HK(18th/April-21st/April)

In 2022, China will release the restrictions on COVID-19, and foreign partners can come to China at any time to seek more cooperation opportunities.

In the past.customers may worry that they will be quarantined and infected with COVID-19 when they come to China. But now, with the disappearance of COVID-19 in China, you don’t need to worry about it. 2023 is a new year and a new development in foreign trade. Since ancient times, spring has been symbolizing a new hope and a new beginning. It also symbolizes our business and our cooperation will spring up and flourish.

From April 18th to 21st, Global Sources will hold  2023 Spring Smart Home Exhibition At China AsiaWorld-Expo, Hongkong (near to the airport.)

At that time, FrankEver will show more new products, such as smart sockets, smart switches, smart irrigation products for irrigation, smart drip irrigator, and so on. FrankEver has been working in the smart home industry for 10 years and has our own patents and products. Technology is also among the best in the industry. Most products are unprecedented and unheard of. We welcome all old and new friends to visit us and share more ideals with each other.

Also We welcome all friends to visit our factory after the exhibition, taking a look at our production line and our team to seek more cooperation opportunities.

Our booth No.: 9F10

Date: 18th/April-21th/April.2023

Address:Asiaworld-Expo Hong Kong(Near to the airport)

In recent years, the driving force of the new technological revolution has become a powerful driving force for economic growth. Artificial intelligence plays an important role in this process. It is indispensable in economic growth. And it finds new directions for industrial upgrading and consumption upgrading, becoming a new engine of economic growth. Nowadays, energy conservation and green are the tendency all over the world, especially in the European and some American countries. Smart home products come into being with the times. It can help to save electricity, save water and save energy.

Frankever’s smart home products support timing switches, water and electricity metering. It can well help consumers to  solve the problem of energy waste.

Smart home is also becoming increasingly popular worldwide. In addition to energy saving, it makes life more convenient. Consumers can set lighting and start and end times for household appliances according to their living habits and preferences. Through voice control of intelligent speakers, the smart home system can free customer’s hands to achieve home automation.

Frankver Smart products are based on Tuya platform, the largest smart home system supplier. And we have OEM and ODM ability to meet different customer’s different request.

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