Smart IR! One Remote to Rule All Infrared Appliances

A glance down at our living room will reveal not just one, but an entire arsenal of remote controls, one for the TV, one for the air conditioner, for fan and even more for other home appliances. When we get home from scorching outside in summer days, it takes a few minutes to find the right one to make room cool, hard-won real coolness.


Honestly, today I’ll share a small gadget of compact and mini design, with which you can toss out all your other confusing controls, just remotely adjust the air conditioner to the appropriate temperature 15mins before getting home, with touch of your fingers in APP easily enjoy a blast of cool as soon as arrival.


That is———Universal Remote Control(Smart IR)

Despite being an “old” communication protocol in the face of more and more new connection types, such as Bluetooth or 433 MHz, being put in household appliances, IR(Infrared) remains widely used in electric appliances for its low cost and ease of use. A smart IR is a way of using a combination of “WiFi+IR” to allow IR-enabled electric appliances to achieve network control without being connected to a network. The product plays a significant role in the smart reconfiguration of household appliances in inventory, surely affordable to enoy smart life.


Control all devices which use infrared signal.

It could support control of IR enabled devices: Air conditioners, TVs, DVDs, STBs, TV boxes,etc. Moreover, couples of TV sets in different rooms could be controlled without walking to each room.

With all-in-one integration, you can control  IR connected devices in your house remotely and via voice command.

Alexa, decrease air conditioner temperature.

Hi Google, turn on/turn off the TV.

Tmall Genie, channel up.

Smart IR remote

What’s more useful, you can customize your personal scene for specific devices, namely, automatic setting according to the weather, temperature, humidity, time and other conditions, turn on the air conditioner at 7 o ‘clock automatically, turn off the fan once away-home mode triggered.

Combining with other smart devices in the home could realize scene linkage. To say, set the body sensor in the home to sense when someone walks to the sofa in living room, then the fan will turn on automatically.

Not only prevent a cold at night, but also save energy and environmental protection.

smart IR remote

If an electric device type cannot be found, DIY function can be used to allow the app to control the electric device.

Add your family members and friends to share connected devices, can remotely control the same devices.Smart IR remote


Why not pick it? Have fun together, enjoy an affordable smart life.


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