Smart Home Solution

Smart home can be defined as a target or a system. Use network communication, automatic control and other technologies to make family life more comfortable, safe, effective and energy-saving. Compared with ordinary home, smart home not only has the traditional living function.

Smart home can automatically turn on and off the electrical appliances in the home according to the work and rest time of the owner. It does not need people to come back to the remote or fixed-point control switches and buttons, which is completely intelligent.

When there is a situation at home, it will remind the owner at the first time, automatically identify the intrusion of bad people, sound the alarm, lock the door , turn off the lights, and call the alarm number

Product Overview

SMT/DIP assembly, Electronics design
AC100-240V 10A switch, 120*70mm or 86*86mm
EU/US standard, also suitbale for rolling gate
16A/20A smart switch for water heater
16A EU smart plug with power monitor function
10A US smart plug with FCC ETL certificates
13A/16A UK smart plug with power monitor function
10A Indian smart plug
UK US EU and universal smart in-wall socket

Electrial Device (3)

  • The smart external plug is very mini and it has power monitor function. Different outlet like EU, UK, US, AU, Italy, Indian, Chile, Brazil is optional.
    10A, 13A, 16A Max current with power monitor function

  • 86*86mm EU standard, 120*70mm US standard.
    10A light switch, 16A boiler switch, rolling gate switch, curtain switch, switch module, breaker.

  • 16A in-wall socket with glass panel surface
    EU, UK, US standard are available
    1 or 2 outlet, with or without USB outlet are available

Smart Security Device (3)

Smart Lighting (3)

  • RGBCW smart LED bulb, supports wifi remote control and also compatible with Alexa, google assistance.
    E12, E14, E26, E27, GU5.1, GU5.3, GU10 base is optional

  • RGBCW smart LED downlight, supports wifi remote control and also compatible with Alexa, google assistance.
    It is music rhythm function.
    3.5 inch, 4 inch and 6 inch are optional.

  • Waterproof smart RGB LED strip&string light for decoration.
    It supports wifi remote control and also compatible with Alexa, google assistance.

Smart Life

Smart home solution make your life more convenient

  • Control your smart device remotely on APP
  • Work with Alexa, Google assistance to free your hand
  • Timing, countdown, set schedule
  • Smart lighting, smart security, smart entertainment
  • According to your life habbit to adjust  your home appliance
Smart Socket

Manufacturing & OEM

Frankever launched a strategy to smart home  market by designing and producing relevant products. With strong strength in the technical updates and designs, we can meet customer’s various personal requirement.

Business sc0pe is from products, such as smart plug, smart bulbs, smart switch, IR remote controller, smart water valve etc to relevant solution.

Quality is the foundation of our company. We commit to ourselves to being an outstanding manufacturer with high-quality, cost-effective and considerate ODM&OEM services.

Welcome to make business discussion for cooperation.

IR remote controller

Universal IR remote controller
Universal IR remote controller with temperature&humidity sensor
Universal IR&RF remote controller

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