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Custom IOT Protocol for Your Project

FrankEver have variety choice smart home device like wifi irrigation controller, zigbee water valve, Bluetooth led bulb, apple homekit switch, matter smart home plug etc.

ZigBee and Wi-Fi generally use the 2.4G band while the communication mechanism standards are different. The features of ZigBee are small data, support low power consumption smart home device like water leakage sensor and great stability, which is suitable for industrial applications. However, Wi-Fi is suitable for large data volumes, short distances. It is mainly used for home and commercial applications smart home solutions.

Of course, we already cooperated with  some big brand and some experience , and have experienced enginer team to support you to do OEM protocol like nb iot device, lora module soil sensor etc.

Welcome your OEM IOT project.

Different IOT Protocol Products

smart watering
Including: WiFi Water Valve, Zigbee Water Valve used for indoor smart watering, Powered by Tuya smart app, voice control by Alexa Amazon, Google Home ,Smartthings. With customize valve size , IP67 waterproof smart water valve .
Smart Water Leakage Sensor
Smart Water Leakage Detector will send alerts to notify you in case there is any water leakage at your home. Sync with Smart Home app, compatible with Alexa and Google Home. Available with WiFi Water Sensor and Zigbee water sensor
water timer
Smart water irrigation controller including bluetooth irrigation controller, WiFI tap timer, zigbee water irrigation controller, which we could use for irrigation system for garden plants, vegetables water timers etc
Smart soil moisture meter
smart irrigation system using soil moisture sensor monitor real time soil moisture and temperature on Tuya Smart App, and we can view the historical records. Linkage with our smart garden timer to realize water automatic irrigation
smart led bulb
Smart lighting including led light bulb, led downlight , which have bluetooth version, wifi led bulb, zigbee lighting etc. Powered by app, voice control, music rhythm functio, schedule etc. Create magic scene for you
smart light switch
Smart Switch lets you control your lights to turn on or off, or control them remotely when you're away. WiFi light switch with Neutral Wire, or light switch no neutral available with WiFi Zigbee iot smart switch Works with Alexa and Google Home

Small Applicances Controller (3)

  • Smart IR Remote

    Infrared Frequency: 38K HZ  Support: TV, air conditioner, fans, DVD, cover above 95% infrared devices

    App Control by Tuya Smart; Voice Control by speaker like amazon Alexa, google home etc

  • WiFi RF Blaster

    IR remote with RF Learning Function support 433MHz , 315MHz Radio Frequency device

    like TV, Aircon, fan, lighting switch, projector, curtain motor, Garage Door etc

  • Smart AirCon Remote

    Smart IR Remote works with mini split, portable and Window ACs that have an IR remote control.

    You can see the current room temperature C°/F° and humidity on App.
    Power on/off, choose mode, speed at below. Loal Control by hands also

Smart Lighting Controller (3)

Smart Home OEM ODM professional supplier

Custom Design from Hardware to IOT smart

With more than 15years experience, hardware engineer team more than 2persons + SW engineer 2person + structural engineer, And we are honour to be Tuya ‘s reliable partner, so we always get deeply support from tuya on IOT solutions.

Frankever always supply OEM and ODM service to all smart home solution project. We can help customer to develop their app and flash their program into our smart home device. So in FrankEver, not only the tuya smart device, but also the your owner app with tasmota, templates, tuya, esp8266, esp8285, esp32, esp32-c3, esp32-s2, template, gpio, smarthome, home assistant, smart home, diy, wifi, wi-fi, openhab also can be used.

Also. From our factory,  we will launch more than one new products in each season, we develop these products and open new tooling to ensue you wont have too much competitor with same design. And if your selling attractive, we can ensure our design only sell by you.

OEM HARDWARE smart home device

FrankEver Patent Design

smart irrigation water timer
New design with local control button, powered by 4XAA battery, with logo printing on panel . NH water tap or EU water hose timers for choices
Smart Home Water Level Sensor
Smart Home Security System frankever design used for water detect alarm, raining alarm, water level alarm with super flat cable, its invisible after painting on the wall
Smart IR Remote
Smart IR Remote with type C port, Local control switch, on-wall install bracket , unique design different with other smart home supplier
lora iot support
Smart Soil Sensor measure the garden soil temperature and humidity, Linkage with smart garden timer to realize water automatic irrigation.
Control using MQTT
Tuya app device available with wifi, zigbee or bluetooth. We also flash with your firmware into these device, which could be controlled by your app or server
Control using MQTT
Local control with quick setup and updates. Control using MQTT, Web UI, HTTP or serial. Automate using timers, rules or scripts. Integration with home automation solutions. Incredibly expandable and flexible.

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