PCB Assembly and SMT

PCB Assembly and SMT

Our pcb assembly facilities include three advanced SMT lines,2 DIP lines and 2 complete fabrication lines. We have X-RAY,AOI, we can deal with all kinds of integrated circuits such as SOP , QFN and BGA. we can provide 0201 chip placement through-hole components assembly and finished products fabrication.

Product Description Pcb Assembly And Smt
Technology SMT, Through Hole Assembly,Complete Fabrication
SMT Capability 100000 Points/Hour
Testing X-Ray, AOI Testing,Function Test
Accuracy <+/-40um
PTH Hole Tolerance ±0.002″ (0.005mm)
Min. Component Size 0201
Function Test 100% Function Test
PCB Outline Square, Circle, Irregular
Files Needed Bom List And PCB Gerber File
Max. PCB Size 460*400mm

Releted Products

Frantronix provide the pcb manufacturing services,components sourcing services, electronics manufacturing services,including SMT/DIP assembly,electronics design, quality process and reliability services.We can bring you at comfortable area since the order passed to us, due to the one stop EMS solution working with you.




Pls check out this list of some of the high-quality PCB assembly services we offer:

• One-Stop Fabrication and Assembly: A turnkey start-to-finish solution meets all your needs.

• Multiple PCB Assembly Services: SMT, THT, Mixed Assembly, Package on Package (POP), Rigid PCBs, Flex PCBs.

• Flexible Volume Assembly Alternatives: Prototypes, low volume, high volume,we do it all.

• Parts Sourcing: We have years of experience and stable relationships with authorized electronic components manufacturers and distributors, so you always get real, quality parts. All parts go through 100 percent quality inspection before use.

• Comprehensive Quality Assurance: From visual inspection to AOI and X-ray inspection, we take quality control very seriously and test everything rigorously for functionality and quality.

• High Efficiency, Low Cost: You’ll appreciate the value of our added free services, like expert professional design assistance.

• Professional Engineering Team: We’re highly qualified and dedicated to the success of your project, allowing you to start with optimized designs and giving you a better chance to meet project deadlines.

We also have a refined management of following phases of PCB assembly:

  • Incoming materials management
  • Surface mount technology (SMT)
  • Through hole technology (THT)
  • In-circuit test (ICT)
  • Quality commitment
  • PCB assembly equipments
  • PCB assembly workflow
  • Related certificates
  • PCB assembly samples
  • PCBA order requirements

pcb assembly and smt-SMT production line

We have 3 SMT pcb assembly production lines and each line is equipped with automatic solder paste printer + Samsumg SM481 High-Speed Mounter + Samsumg SM482 Medium-Speed Mounter + Suneast IPC-708E Reflow Soldering + MENT MT 1000 AOI Inspection.

pcb assembly and smt-DIP production line

We have 2 PTH assembly lines with skillful workers to guarantee high quality and best delivery. Hand Insert + SUNEAST rohs wave soldering + auto belt flow for test.

pcb assembly and smt-complete fabrication

We have more than 2 whole fabrication lines to provide our customer the complete electronic product with circuit board and casing.

Q1:What files required to get quotation for pcba from you?

A1:For PCB, please provide the Gerber files and indication of related technical requirements as well as any special requirement if you have.

For SMT and PTH pcb assembly, please provide Gerber files and BOM list, and if you need us to do function test, please also provide the test instruction/procedure.

Q2:How long does it take for PCB assembly quote?

A2:Normally 1-3 workdays. If your order is urgently please contact us directly,we will priority to deal it.

Q3:What are the main products of your PCB/PCBA services?

A3:Our services are mainly for home appliance, communication, power supply, smart home.

Q4:As a pcba manufacturer,Do you have any minimum order quantity requirement?

A4:No. Samples and mass production can all support.

Q5:Which payment form you can accept?

A5:T/T, Western Union, PayPal etc. We accept any convenient and swift payment term.

Q6:Do you have the test and audit service?

A6:Yes, we can assist to get the designated test report for product and the designated factory audit report.

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