How to Manage Your Home Water Avoid the Leakage?

Last year, one of my friend who is selling the water heating, he was complained by one customer, because the water heating leaked and the house was flooded when he was out for trip.  So he compensate much money to his company.  He just ask me,  if you do any smart items can help him to avoid this problem again? At first, we thought out the water sensor,  but how to let sensor stop the flooding?  After considering,  we decide to develope this new smart water valve.




Its true that more and more people are looking to sensors,  smart valves as a way of detection and avoid the impact of leaks in their homes. Because Water damage from toilets,  water heaters  and clothes washers can cost thousands of dollars to repair.


FRANKEVER Automatic Water Shut Off Valves ,Designed to Work with popular water sensor as a helpful partner for people to protect their home.

Use with FRANKEVER water valves to control the flow of water  remotely or automatically.  Use with water sensors to  shut water off when leaks are detected automatically





What’s Included

  • 1x – FRANKEVERWater Valve Controller
  • 1x – Universal Power Supply cable
  • 1x – User Guide
  • 1xWater sensor (more pieces can be matched if requirement)
  • 1 x zigbee hub(One gateway could work with multiple zigbee water valves.)



To install, place the FRANKEVER Valve Controller on to your main water supply pipe, ensure use correct valve size like DN20 DN25 based on your water pipe size. Correct size ensure  tighten and seal betweek pipe and valve. Finally, connect the nearest AC power supply to the controller with a adapter.


How it works

FRANKEVER Valve connects to the main water line and if receives signals from WATER Sensor that detects leaks.  You will receive alarm on sensor and also alert through the Tuya / Smartlife App. Then the water valve will power off the water pipe quickly within 5s or less.



Mobile App

The Tuya / Smartlife app will show the water pipe status, and you can adjust how much water want to output, schedule, countdown funcation is also useful for your daily life.



Smart Hub Compatibility

This device is compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa.


  1. Easy to install – no need for professional plumbing
  2. Allow automatic, remoteon mobile phone or manual shut on/off function Save your Home from Flooding quickly
  3. Works with water sensors to detect leaks, pipe breaks, frost temperature, and unusual water flow
  4. Comes in requestsizes for various pipe types (1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, & 1 1/4″)
  5. Infinitely Expandable – can add as many leak detectors as required to protect any building
  6. Flow rate can be set from 0-100% on app to  limit water waste
  7. Works with Google Home and Alexa
  8. CE, ROHS, NSF certification

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