How to choose a suitable water leakage sensor? FrankEver tell you

Did you ever suffer with following watering problem?

—-Can’t precisely control the amount of water in irrigation
—-Can’t water the plants at home if you are on business or vacation
—-Refilling water is complicated and time consuming
—-Water-pipes often burst in cold weather




Water Alarm:


Put on floor where maywater leakage like kitchen,bathroom, basement,warehouse etc.

When meetwater overflow, it will alarmand you can receive alertmessages on app or SMS

Raining Alarm:

Put on windowsill to detect if any rainning leakage , it can alarm you to close the window or collect dried clothes manually or automatically

Water Level Alarm:

For more scenes like swimming pool , it can help you to detect water level when water supply over or short , it can alarm you timely



With a special FRANKEVER super flat self-adhesive wire the sensor can be mounted in any place, and the3.0M cable length can be cut as per your request. After painting, the cable is invisible, thus your place looks more neat and beautiful.


  • ✔ RELIABLE PERFORMANCE: If the water sensor detects water leak or exceed the preset limit, the water detector will light flash and send a 100 dB alarm on site and send the alarm information to the smartphone via the Tuya Smart / Smart Life APP within 1-5 seconds (depending on network speed), which avoids possible water damage.
  • ✔ EASY TO USE: No gateway is required, the home WiFi can be connected with a few simple steps (2.4G WiFi only).The flood detector only supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. If you are using a 5G router (it offers two Wi-Fi signals: 5G and 2.4G), be sure to choose 2.4G Wi-Fi to connect to your smartphone Whether in the office or on the go, you can query the status at any time with the Tuya Smart / Smart Life APP. You can also share it with your family thus more people can receive alerts .
  • ✔ WIDELY USE: This FRANKEVER new patented 3 in 1 smart water leak sensor can be used as water leak alarm, raining alarm or water level alarm, to meet different sensing request. The highly sensitive dual probe design and IP67 waterproof design make the WiFi water sensor is suitable for the continuous monitoring of apartments, aquariums, warehouses, basements, sinks, dishwashers, washing machines, sewage pumps, water heaters, bathtubs, water pipes and filter devices etc.
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