Frankever Spring Team Building

Frankever Spring Team Building РOutdoor fun activities

Frankever is a professional tuya smart product team, very innovative, cohesive and happy team.

The activity is very colorful, close to nature, very happy, relaxed and pleasant atmosphere to relax the body and mind, improve the cohesion of employees.

  1. The first activity, the tug of war, the power is unstoppable

2.Two feet three feet rest, work together, forge ahead together


3.There are also cooking demonstration activities, where colleagues demonstrate their skills and taste delicious food


4.Awarding activities, giving incentives to employees of the company

5.After the noon break, the afternoon’s activities, the aerial cableway, the courage to walk

Frankever intelligent team, engaged in intelligent tuya home ten years of the company, intelligent electrician, intelligent home lighting, intelligent irrigation……

Dynamic team, professional business processing team, strong technical support, efficient transportation department, satisfactory after-sales service.

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