Tuya WiFi Water Alarm Sensor Smart Water Detector for swimming, tank, or rainning

  • 【PROTECT YOUR HOME】Detect leaks in an instant with this water sensor leak detector from Geeni. Connect this smart water leak alarm to your home’s 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi to receive instant notifications right to your phone or tablet.
  • 【CONTINUOUS MONITORING】Detect leaks when and where they happen and keep your entire home protected from leaks and floods 24/7. With this water detector alarm, you can save thousands of dollars on in-home repairs.
  • 【Detect Status of Water Level】 Detect the status of your Water overflow. A built-in or remote water sensor keeps track of water level.




LED Indicator: Red


Battery Life: 6000 times trigger

Standby Current: 1uA

Alarm Current: 160-180mA

WiFi Frequency:WiFi 2.4GHz

WiFi Standard:IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Working Temperature: 0℃~40℃ (32℉~104℉)

Working Humidity:20%~85% RH

Storage Temperature:0℃~60℃ (32℉~140℉)

Storage Humidity: 0%~90% RH

HS Code: 8531100000

Size: 80x30x27mm(Main body)   2.0m (Sensor Cable length)

Method 1:
Search for the App name on the App store. Click to open the share button on the right, and click Copy Link.
smart life app download
Method 2:
Search for the App name on the Google Play,Click the corresponding App, the new page is the Google download link
Tuya Smart app download

1. Water Alarm:

Put on floor where may water leakage like kitchen, bathroom, basement,  warehouse etc.When meet water overflow, it will alarm and you can receive alert messages on app or SMS

Water alarm sensor

2.  Water Level Alarm


For more scenes like swimming pool, it can help you to detect water level , when water supply over or short , it can alarm you timely

3.  Raining Alarm

Put on windowsill to detect if any rainning leakage, it can alarm you to close the window or collect dried clothes manually or automatically

Releted Products

  •  Easy use in kitchen, basement, washingroom or warehouse to monitor any water leak.
  • Water Level Alert: When water level is lower or higher than water limited, it will send alarm to remind you.
  • Smart Scenes :
  • Automation function with other smart device similiar like:
  • (Automatic with water valve, water supply will be off automaticlly when meet water leakage)
  • (Automatic with smart window closer, window will be closed automatically when rainning)
  • Awesome accessories: Multi-probe via flat cable and connector, easy install and invisible after painting on the wall
Which App you use to control

Tuya Smart or Smart Life App

How many sensors can you connect at the same time to the app?

You can connect as many as you can as long as your router can take it; please also consideration the wireless signal strength need to reach the sensors that you installed.

Can you silence the alarm via Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can disable the leak detection alarm by your phone APP.

Will the sensor work in a pool in the winter to notify if the water level rises?

Yes, our water sensor can detect the water level rises or level drops both situation.

Can I use in reverse? I would be installing the sensor in a rain barrel and want to see on the app if the water drops below a certain level?

Yes, our water sensor can detect the water level rises or level drops both situation.

What is its lead time for samples and mass production?

Within 3 work days for samples and 20 work days for mass production.

Do you offer guarantee for the products?

Yes, we offer 1 years warranty to our products.

Which certificate you have?

CE ROHS FCC are all available

Is there a public api for either the wifi or bluetooth connection, such that a raspberry pi could control these sensor?

You can contact us for an API after buying our sensor.
Need more help, please feel free to contact us via sales@frankever.com
with your Amazon order.

If I buy 2 sets for 2 different locations will they work on the same app?

They will, and you will be able to change their solid colors together but, if you want to use any type of the pre-programmed scenes.

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