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What is a Smart IR Remote Controller?

It can control all of the IR devive,Like TV, AC, Set top boxes, Air coolers & Fan and so on in one room. It Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and phone app Smart Life.

How to Use a Smart IR Remote Controller?

Download Smart Life App,When the device is ready to be added just press confirm indicator rapidly blinking.Wait for it to connect.After connecting,You can use the Smart IR remote Controller to control

your IR device. To open your smart life.


More Smart IR Remote Controller

At FrankEver Smart Home, We have many different kinds of IR Remote Controller for you choosing,Especially we have the specially one that for Air Conditioner.Unique and Special.

Our Smart IR Remote Controller

R4 smart IR remote controller

FK-UFO-R4: WiFi Smart IR Remote Controller

Replace all your normal remote controls with your smart phone, support 80,000+ ir (go only,not rf) controlled devices like tv, configurationbox, air conditioning, fans and etc.Control theinfrared home appliances with your familytogether. Have fun to enjoy smart life.

FK-UFO-R6 Remote Controlller

[Hands-free voice control]

Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Homeand IFTTTT device voice control, change the TV channel and volume,

air conditioner temperature and more hands-free functions.

Infrared control range

The infrared control range is 360 and 394 feet(approximately 10 meters) direction.

IR+RF function

Tuya Smart IR+RF Universal Remote Control

  •  Support RF (433MHz+315MHz) controlleddevices such as curtain/shades motor,projector and light switch
  • APP CONTROL – Apps named Tuya/Smartlifeare available now in Apple App Store andGoogle Play.
R8 Air Conditional Remote Controller
  •  Support: Air conditioner only;DIY funetion can learn new remote
  • Schedule: Timer your Aircon at prefer modeo Comfort Mode: Fixed your prefer tempertureand humidity range on app,always in comfortmode
  • Geofencing: User could set the distance andthe status for A/C when a person enters/lecavesthis distance circle.
  • Air Filter: User could set time and get smartremind to clean the AC

Wi-Fi Smart Home Camera, Support TUYA, Alexa Google home;

Day/Night, IR distance: 5-10m, 2-way audio communication, Support TF-card Storage, Max: 128GB Support;

Mobile Remote View & Control, Moving-Tracking

Which Applicants Can Be Controlled? (3)

  • IR & RF Device Controller


    Smart IR Remote work at IR 38K HZ, RF 433MHz , 315MHz Radio Frequency

    They can control  TV, Aircon, fan, lighting switch, projector, curtain motor, Garage Door cover above 95% devices in your home

  • WiFi Water Valve, Zigbee Water Valve used for indoor smart watering control, help you save water, save money!

    Outdoor smart water irrigation controller smart version help you to water the garden plants, vegetables etc

  • Wireless Light Swtich

    Smart Switch lets you control your lights to turn on or off, or control them remotely when you’re away.

    WiFi light switch with Neutral Wire, or light switch no neutral available with WiFi Zigbee iot smart switch

    Works with Alexa and Google Home

Energy Saving Home Automation


FrankEver Smart home automation solutions can help reduce your carbon footprint and monthly energy bills.

Many appliances, homes and buildings use more energy than they need, leading to energy waste.

Energy efficiency is the easiest way to eliminate it by using less energy for the same job, leading to reduced monthly energy bills

and making energy more affordable for businesses and families.

Monitor: Understand your energy consumption by our smart outlet socket;

Save:  Save your energy by choose Energy Efficiency led bulb from our shop

Save money on energy usage by running the devices on your schedule.



Energy Savings

Energy Saving Home Automation Device

wifi plug
LED bulb Energy Efficiency
From lighting to security, smart system can help make your home more comfortable, safe and energy efficient.

Home automation allows you to bring all these devices together. In simple terms, you can use this technology to make different “smart” , and parts of your home “talk” to each other and control them centrally.

So how does it work? Smart devices, such as lamps or thermostats, have matching apps that you can download to control them from your phone or tablet. But with a smart home hub like a home assistant, you can control a variety of smart devices and devices made by different manufacturers through a single app or voice commands.

How can home automation help me save?

Home automation lets your tech work smarter, not harder. When it comes down to it, it’s about using your home’s tech more efficiently and effectively.

Consider, for example. Automating your lighting means you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off your lights. You can do this through programmable dimmer switches, or smart light bulbs that you control using your smartphone. 


smart water valve

Custom Design from Hardware to IOT smart

OEM HARDWARE smart home device

From our factory,  we will launch more than one new products in each season, we develop these products and open new tooling to ensue you wont have too much competitor with same design. And if your selling attractive, we can ensure our design only sell by you.

Control using MQTT

Frankever always supply OEM and ODM service to all smart home solution project. We can help customer to develop their app and flash their program into our smart home device. So in FrankEver, not only the tuya smart device, but also the your owner app with tasmota, templates, tuya, esp8266, esp8285, esp32, esp32-c3, esp32-s2, template, gpio, smarthome, home assistant, smart home, diy, wifi, wi-fi, openhab also can be used.

Multiple Protocol Support

Smart Home Solution


home_solution_lighting_control Control:  Conveniently control individual bulbs or groups from anywhere

Dim or brighten lights for any setting or time of day: Customization Dim or brighten lights for any setting or time of day

Scheduling Program lights to turn on/off automatically to suit your schedule Scheduling: Program lights to turn on/off automatically to suit your schedule


Easy Setup: Unbox and power on the security kit, tap to finish the setting up

Get notification if the motion is detected or door is opened : Instant Alerts

Warnings: The super-loud siren and flashing light warns the intruders

Intelligent Alert Get notified when the camera detects motion and sound

Intelligent Alert Get notified when the camera detects motion and sound Intelligent Alert: Get notified when the camera detects motion and sound

See what’s going on in your home from wherever you are :Access

Night Vision 110 degree wide viewing angle and up to 10m night vision  Night Vision: 110 degree wide viewing angle and up to 10m night vision


Access: Control your smart appliances’ operation from anywhere via App

Control your environment by air quality, temperature and humidity :Comfort

Automation: Choose when the smart appliances operate whether home or away

Cost Effective: Simple and effective way to make your old lamp, or other plug-in devices smart

Simple and effective way to make your old lamp, or other plug-in devices smart :Cost Effective

 Savings: By letting you set schedules, Arnoo will help you save energy and money



  • I bought seven of these and I am quite happy with how Will handled the entire order process. He was very fast and helped me understand the product even better. He answered all my questions. I just received the remote control for my multiple AC setup. They were nicely packaged and the initial testing is good. I will give a long term review in about 3 months time from now. Very satisfied with the product. Everything is as described.
    Lee West,Kenya
  • the clips are spring based, so keep in mind that you will have to use a double sided tape or something to install these in current housing. these are more designed to fit directly on to drywall. Tracy Yu is very professional and quick to respond.
    Lovneet Singh,United States
  • Muy recomendado. Cumplieron con todo, fechas empaque y llegó todo perfecto. Muy amable las personas que nos atendieron.
    Marianela Cabezas,Ecuador
  • Happy new year! You have been very supportive of my business all year long, I couldn't have done it without you, will cooperate with FrankEver all time.
    David, US
  • I seldom take the time to do reviews,but I absolutely LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I even made a little vid of it controlling my old school Onkyo reciever,which is only controllable threw an old school IR remote.This product works PERFECT,and setting up is super simple! I thought I was going to have to spend a pile of money on new components that are network,blu tooth and Alexa compatible,and this lil guy did the trick for 20 bucks! 10 thumbs up! Super seller-I had it in 2 days,and he followed up to make sure all went well. THANKYOU!!!!!!
  • Me costó algo encontrar las marcas exactas de algunas producto d emi casa al igual que las barras de sonido etc de allí excelente lo que me gusta que cada vez que se desconecta o se va la luz no tengo que reiniciarlo o hacerle algo ya automáticamente funciona
    Aaron Mevarak
  • I tested around 10 various temperature and humidity sensor for automated AC control, this one is the best when used with Smart Life app. It never misses to run a trigger and sends temperature humidity notification consistently. Don't look for other options. The only wish - if it would have a wall mount holder it would be perfect addition.
    Edward Hachetl
  • When my old manual timer that I used at my massage office to turn on my towel warmer finally died , I looked into getting one that worked remotely. For under $10 . FRANKEVER Mini Smart Plug, works perfectly! Now As long as I already have wet towels in the warmer, all I have to do is open the App on my phone and press the start button and voila, hot towels for my loyal customers. There’s even a schedule that you can set up for use. Hey, it’s just made my life a whole lot simpler. No more extra trips to the office, wasting time and gas. One con is the instructions are micro minuscule. ( Think Apple I-phone) So some sort of magnifying device is needed to read instructions. Once over the hurdle, it works wonderfully!
    Rose’s Health & Wellness
Which connection protocols are supported by you?

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, UWB, Wi-SUN, Matter, Sub-GHz, LoRa, Thread, Amazon Sidewalk, NB-IoT, LTE (4G), GNSS, third-party 4G modules.

What can be used to control your product?

devices are controlled by our cloud server through the App, so you can control your devices normally no matter

What are the differences between application scenarios for the Bluetooth mesh and Zigbee modules?

Bluetooth mesh modules apply to scenarios with small data packets and few network nodes. They are much cheaper than Zigbee modules. Zigbee modules apply to scenarios with multiple network nodes, fixed node and gateway positions, and that are insensitive to the price.

What is Bluetooth mesh?

In 2017, the Bluetooth SIG officially approved the mesh technology.

Tuya Officially Announces Support for Matter Smart Home Standard

Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA), a leading IoT development platform service provider, today officially affirmed its support for Matter, a commitment to ensure that Tuya’s customers and business partners can seamlessly join in the new smart home connectivity standard and provide users with more convenient smart home experience.

Tuya customers and market-leading brands such as Calex and Geeni are all planning to launch new series of consumer products which will also support the Matter standard possibly in 2022 when the new communication protocol finally launches.

Introduced by Amazon, Apple, Google, Comcast, and the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), Matter aims to provide a unified smart home standard to allow interoperability between devices and smart home platforms.

What is a Matter device?

Matter, formerly known as Project Chip, is a unified protocol that will help to bring all of our smart home devices together under one roof, so to speak. Matter is a new smart home standard conceived by a group called Project Connected Home Over IP (Project Chip) in 2019.

What is Thread and Matter?
Matter devices connect to each other locally over your home network using Wi-Fi or Thread, making your devices more responsive, reliable, and secure. (While older products may not be compatible with Matter, they’ll continue to work as they always have.) Nest Wifi Pro. Fast, reliable Wi-Fi 6E coverage for life at home.
Does Matter use Zigbee?

Z-Wave and ZigBee devices can’t work with Matter directly, but they could be connected to a Matter system with a bridge. For example, the Philips Hue smart lights mentioned earlier use ZigBee, and their ZigBee hub is being updated to bridge them into Matter.

How does Matter work IoT?

Matter products run locally and do not rely on an internet connection, although the standard is designed to talk to the cloud easily. It is intended to enable cross-platform of smart home devices, mobile apps, and cloud services, and defines a specific set of IP-based networking technologies for device certification.

What is a Matter device?

Matter, formerly known as Project Chip, is a unified protocol that will help to bring all of our smart home devices together under one roof, so to speak. Matter is a new smart home standard conceived by a group called Project Connected Home Over IP (Project Chip) in 2019.

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