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Custom IOT Protocol for Your Project

FrankEver have variety choice smart home device like wifi irrigation controller, zigbee water valve, Bluetooth led bulb, apple homekit switch, matter smart home plug etc.

ZigBee and Wi-Fi generally use the 2.4G band while the communication mechanism standards are different. The features of ZigBee are small data, support low power consumption smart home device like water leakage sensor and great stability, which is suitable for industrial applications. However, Wi-Fi is suitable for large data volumes, short distances. It is mainly used for home and commercial applications smart home solutions.

Of course, we already cooperated with  some big brand and some experience , and have experienced enginer team to support you to do OEM protocol like nb iot device, lora module soil sensor etc.

Welcome your OEM IOT project.
Smart Home OEM ODM professional supplier

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